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Artist Statement

For most of my life, I used art as a means of self expression an indulgence. It was only until a few years ago that I realized my works had no discernable direction, and could be classified as almost entirely as imitation, reproducing the ideas of others into a slightly changed and stylized format.
In 2012, I joined Tumblr as a ripe and impressionable teenager. At first, I used the platform to express myself in a digital scrapbook-esque kind of way, painting a digital portrait of myself through shared images and jokes. Slowly, I started to incorporate my artwork into my experience, often answering questions with comics, witty replies, and other hand-crafted images to engage my audience. I swiftly gained a following.
During these years, I learned quickly how to navigate these spaces and was producing images almost every night. Through this platform, my longest on-going project was born. It was then that I learned that I was being watched. My artwork and actions had evolved from the blank margins of my classroom worksheets into works of the the second wave of digital sharing, unknowingly cataloguing my own portfolio throughout the years, and seeing the maturation of my personal style.
To say I am a Fine Artist would be a misjudgment. I am still evolving and learning, but I know I do enjoy one thing: creating art with others by interacting directly with my audience. I no longer make art only for myself, crafting fantasies from the very depth of my brain just so I can gaze upon them with the front of my eyes instead of the back, but I make art for others now.

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